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Re: FW: FW: XQuery WG Comments on DOM Level 3

From: Christian Parpart <cparpart@surakware.net>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 11:52:02 +0200
To: Walter Lindsay <wlindsay@contivo.com>, www-dom@w3.org
Cc: "'jim.melton@oracle.com'" <jim.melton@oracle.com>
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On Monday 11 August 2003 7:02 pm, Walter Lindsay wrote:
> Christian,
> This might be of interest to you.
> Walter Lindsay
> Director of Engineering, Contivo, Inc.
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> From: Jim Melton [mailto:jim.melton@oracle.com]
> Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 3:43 PM
> To: Walter Lindsay
> Cc: 'public-qt-comments@w3.org'
> Subject: Re: FW: XQuery WG Comments on DOM Level 3
> I'm not 100% positive that this message answers that request, but...
> There is a new Java Specification Request (JSR 225) to establish a *Java*
> API for XQuery.  Of course, that doesn't address users of other languages,
> and probably not the needs of script writers, but it is likely to help Java
> programmers.
> Hope this helps,
>     Jim


Well, yes, it's surely nice to hear about any activity right now, but esp. in 
my case I can't do help/contribute/ nor test a Java API since I am developing 
in C++ and though all the W3C API's I implemented (or I am working on) are 
implemented in C++. I do not believe that a Java (exclusevily) designed API 
can be mapped onto other programming/scripting languages.

Is there any working draft out there yet? Because I would like to implement 
the XQuery(/XPath2) API in my library  ;)

Christian Parpart.

> At 10:53 2003-08-07 -0700 Thursday, Walter Lindsay wrote:
> >Here's a comment from someone on the DOM public list:
> >
> >all in all, I would highly appreciate to see a DOM XQuery Module for
> >accessing
> >the XQuery functionalities. This would also provide a common/standardized
> >API
> >for script/application coders to easily access data using XQueries ;)
> >
> >Greetings,
> >Christian Parpart.

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