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£ converted into £,   converted into ~

'mdash' not in Special Characters

[amaya] Reformatting errors - take 2

[Announce] Amaya 10 .1-pre2 snapshot

[Announce] Amaya 10 .1-pre3 snapshot

[Announce] Amaya 10 .1-pre4 snapshot

[Announce] Amaya bug tracking service open

[Fwd: [Moderator Action] Bug: Page contents not view !!]

a small wishlist

Amaya 10 -- snapsohot 4 -- bugs and proposals

Amaya 10 -- snapsohot 4 -- whitespace being interpreted

Amaya 10 .1-pre2 Screen Refresh Problems

Amaya 10 .1-pre4 snapshot

amaya 10 randomly losing work when saving

Amaya 10: and modifier-click to open in tab

Amaya crash when using the spell checker.

amaya help menu

Amaya messing up a script and a span

amaya on FreeBSD AlphaServer fails:

Amaya on Ubuntu x64

Amaya pre 3 release

Amaya problem saving file to SD card on Asus eee

Amaya: Irrecoverable error

amaya[Fwd: Re: Reformatting errors]

Bug report

bug trackers

BUG: £ converted into £,   converted into ~

bug: Amaya 10.1-pre4 attaches the container's class to an inner new element

bug: Amaya 10.1-pre4 closes the wrong tab

bug: Amaya 10.1-pre4 enter in the address bar not working

bug: Amaya 10.1-pre4 next file shortcut does not honor moved tabs

Bug: Backspace deletes wrong text in pre

BUG: insert-link and insert-anchor buttons disappear from Amaya

Bug: Page contents not view !!

Cannot allow automatic PUT redirections to my localhost?

Ctrl+F2 on Mac

Down Arrow on Template Preferences doesn't work

ENHANCEMENT-REQUEST: insert-link and insert-anchor buttons and Amaya profiles


error on xp machine

Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libglib2.0-0

Exiting hypertext

float element still showing problems in 10.1

getting error msg on exit on winXP machine

How to change glyphs (font) as displayed on web pages?

insert-link and insert-anchor buttons disappear from Amaya

intptr_t has a previous declaration compile error

Issue in tools 10.1'pre2

OT - ENHANCEMENT-REQUEST: save session (Firefox named sessions)

pre 3 error on xp machine


Pre-4 W2K Find and Replace problem

Preferences dialog, and a couple of other items

Problem with the display in Amaya 9.55

Problem: image inclusion

Reformatting errors

Solaris 10 x86 compile bug still there

Source view editing bug, 10.0.x & 10.1.PRE.2

subscribe olunet@gmail.com

SVG Editor Status: bugs & features

SVG: (SVG 1.1) arcs sensible to zoom level

SVG: path crash bug

Tips always the same?

w3.org css2 test suite failure

WORKAROUND Re: BUG: £ converted into £,   converted into ~

Zoom of SVG

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