Re: Solaris 10 x86 compile bug still there

> We'll see what Irene will decide. But I still think it will finally give
> her additional work and I'm not sure she will find it useful.

Yes, this will likely be the case. At least initially, more work will
probably look annoying, but I strongly believe this will fade away
with time: I'm confident that having a better project organization may
pick up more open-source developers out there who currently can only
get familiar with the project after running through a slow learning
curve (for example, apparently there's no clear TODO list for
apparently small/easy tasks, something a bug tracker tool may provide
in the future). :-)

As a final comment, AFAIK W3 already has (at least) a bug tracker [1],
Bugzilla-based, which may potentially help implementing the idea: a
new component (Amaya) simply needed to be added in order to create an
Amaya-specific set of issues. ;-)

Hope this helps,

 Helder Magalh„es


Received on Thursday, 31 July 2008 15:04:00 UTC