amaya help menu

boy this is a real ugly one,  way too long
and About xxx  at top  when virtually everyone
else has it at the bottom.  Also many use the F1 
hotkey to access the first item Contents (or Topics)
which pulls out to index and search tabbed menu ...

maybe too much to ask for in short run but at least 
submenuing a bit would shorten the look.... right
now the pulldown can step outside of a sized window

submenus for browsing/editing/tools/publishing/configuring
or appropriate (no more than six or seven) 

the more a utility looks/feels like other common utilities,
the more it becomes 'accessible' in that newcomers
do not need to learn new concepts unnecessarily ....
most utilities have fairly common look to help menu
with contents, faq, support, report bugs, update available
and About xxx as usual items ....  -- 
John Russell, VE3LL@COGECO.CA

Received on Wednesday, 3 September 2008 21:47:03 UTC