Re: Amaya 10 -- snapsohot 4 -- bugs and proposals

Hi Vladislav,

I would be interested to know more about the section you call "FUTURE" in your
previous mail.

> 1. CSS: enable counters, etc.

	Can you give more explanations ?

> 2. introduce modes -- set of additional rules. For example in "chemistry
>   mode" to all <mi> with content element=H,He,Li,...,Mt class="chem" will be
>   added, so with switched chem mode it will take seconds to type K[Fe(CN)6]2-
>   (here C and N should be automatically splited). In LaTeX for the same
>   purpose I use predefined command \chem. Another example "units mode": class
>   "MathML-Unit <>" will be added. In both
>   cases styles of identifier will be written in css.

	For the moment the MathML panel is mainly based on content MathML 2 elements.
It needs to be reorganized and extended to other areas of mathematics and other
scientific fields (physics, chemistry...). In the SVG panel, I add "components"
(flasks, cube, etc) that are .svg files insertable in a document. I plan to do
the same for MathML (using .mml files), so that it would be easier for
developers to integrate new constructions. Also, the developers plan to improve
the translation string=>MathML and particulary to allow insertion of LaTeX
fragments. I personnaly think they should try to integrate one of the libraries
that already exist to do this conversion (for instance,,

	Now, I how do you imagine the "modes" would work ? When will the "class"
attribute be attached to an element ? Nothing about this is explained in

>   3. make advanced paste option for embedding svg, mathml etc. into the
>   page with an opportunity to preedit pasted fragment in a separate window
>   (first of all with a code clean up option).

	Some people have been asking for a long time improvements in "internal"
copy/paste (i.e. between two documents loaded in Amaya), especially with SVG
contents. I think this problems/bugs should be fixed before adding new features.
You seem to be talking about "external" copy/paste (i.e. between Amaya and other
programs). I don't know if there is a standard way to do it, but I suppose this
is realized by copying source code in the clipboard. Do you know how other
sofware do it ?


Received on Friday, 5 September 2008 13:54:03 UTC