Re: Source view editing bug, 10.0.x & 10.1.PRE.2

Hi Eddie,

    Editing source is convenient when you want to do quick changes or 
write some code not allowed yet by the Amaya's authoring environment 
(complex copy & paste, SVG animations...). Nevertheless, source 
authoring is not the main purpose of Amaya and you may find many 
complementary tools that do the things better ( ). The philosophy is 
rather to propose a structured XML editor throughout a WYSIWYG 
interface. The ability of Amaya to preserve a valid structure is only 
one of the consequence of the  (necessary) work at this higher level.

> I just checked amaya-macosx-10.1-pre4.dmg
> and I must report you are absolutely correct:
> "... but not fixed yet." is still completely true,
> for both [Shift-ArrowUP/DN] and [Shift-PgUP/DN].
> I use jedit42.dmg,
> for writing WWWeb code because of this
> Amaya bug and similar hindrances
> throughout the history of Amaya.
> jEdit is not a Validating Editor as Amaya is,
> but jEdit does know how to Edit, at least.
> How can it be that, since the publishing of
> the classic "The Cathedral and the Bazaar",
> there exists an Open Source editor (jEdit) that can Edit,
> and an Open Source validating "editor" (Amaya)
> that can Validate but Not Edit?
> Thank you,
> Eddie Maddox

Received on Sunday, 31 August 2008 16:22:46 UTC