Re: Cannot allow automatic PUT redirections to my localhost?

Le lundi 11 août 2008 à 10:03 -0400, Robert Phillips a écrit :
> I am using Amaya 10.1 (Jul 9, 2008) on my Ubuntu 8.04 distribution.
> I have a problem with this use case. When I use Amaya to visit my
> local server at, this is a page
> that does an http redirect when I submit a form. When I submit the
> form, there is a three second delay, and then I see a "Confirm" box
> saying "Operation will be redirected. Continue?"
> I hit "Confirm" and Amaya shows the page I expect,  but I want to
> permanently default my answer to yes and not be delayed by seeing and
> answering this box every time for this use case.
> I have used the Edit/Preferences/Publishing selection, and I have
> tried various types of entries in the entry field labeled "Allow
> automatic PUT redirections to these domains", and my current entry
> follows:
> localhost localhost:8000 *
> Despite my  attempt to quell the  confirmation box appearance, the box
> still always appears in my use case.

Okay, now Amaya checks the SafePut list before displaying the confirm

> Am I not including a proper entry here, or is this a bug?  If it is a
> bug, Is there a workaround or some config file that I can change to
> not have to deal with this confirmation box for my use case?

Unfortunately no.
I hope you can test that fix very soon as we plan to generate a new
snapshot by end of the month.

> It is OK with me if this confirmation dialog NEVER appears, so if I
> can work around to make that happen, that would also be ok with me.
> Thanks for any advice on this.
> Robert
Irene Vatton <>

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