Amaya 10 -- snapsohot 4 -- bugs and proposals

thanks and respect to developers for the great work!


   1. (see screenshot attached) while editing code, after saving, link to
   external css is duplicated, thus Amaya slows down and/or even crashes (I do
   need to edit code to fix mathml and some bugs, also to add styles and
   2. (see example HSAB.xml#a) in some cases a group of Cyrillic characters
   produce unknown symbols
   3. (see example HSAB.xml#b) Cyrillic characters in mathml are rendered
   incorrectly -- each character or a group of characters may be and should be
   an identifier. At the time, they are rendered as operators


   1. bring back mdash and add ndash to the "Special Characters" tool menu,
   2. "apply class" menu should be more flexible. It would be great to
   create temporary shortcuts for some classes


   1. CSS: enable counters, etc.
   2. introduce modes -- set of additional rules. For example in "chemistry
   mode" to all <mi> with content element=H,He,Li,...,Mt class="chem" will be
   added, so with switched chem mode it will take seconds to type K[Fe(CN)6]2-
   (here C and N should be automatically splited). In LaTeX for the same
   purpose I use predefined command \chem. Another example "units mode": class
   "MathML-Unit <>" will be added. In both
   cases styles of identifier will be written in css.
   3. make advanced paste option for embedding svg, mathml etc. into the
   page with an opportunity to preedit pasted fragment in a separate window
   (first of all with a code clean up option).

As it is my first email to the list, please, give a feedback.
Best regards
Vladislav Ivanishtshev

Received on Tuesday, 2 September 2008 07:53:30 UTC