Re: Amaya 10 .1-pre2 Screen Refresh Problems

> From: "Helder Magalh„es" <>
> Date: 2008/07/09 Wed PM 12:45:49 GMT
> To: www-amaya <>
> Subject: Re: Amaya 10 .1-pre2 Screen Refresh Problems
> > I just switched from 10.1-pre1 to 10.1-pre2 and it's now unusable due to
> > problems with the display. As you scroll up and down or try to update a
> > document by typing, bits of the document appear incorrectly in rectangular
> > areas in the main editing area.
> Not sure if you are experiencing the same issue but I've confirmed
> something which looks similar and can always be reproduced:
> Steps to reproduce:
> 1. Open Amaya home page [1] within Amaya;
> 2. Place the cursor before the W3C logo (or before any image,
> afterwards doesn't reproduce symptom);
> 3. Type some text (without pressing space nor causing line wrapping).
> Actual results:
> Only a part of images are moved along with text, causing a wei
rd visual effect.
Yes, that's what I'm seeing, wierd visual effects!

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