Re: 'mdash' not in Special Characters

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> Date: 2008/09/23 Tue PM 12:45:48 GMT
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> Subject: Re: 'mdash' not in Special Characters
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> > I can't find the &mdash character entity under Special Characters. I'm
> > sure it used to be there.
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> > Am I being dim or has this been removed?
> >
> In Special characters tool, look at the Misc section at, beginning of 4th
> line.

Thanks for your reply but it's not on my screen.

Hopefully you can see the screen grab of the Special characters tool
According to the tooltip, the five blank items in the fourth row are:
black star, white star, circled S, circled R and circled 1.

This is 10.1pre4 on Windows XP.

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