Re: [amaya] Reformatting errors - take 2

Mike Brown wrote:
> I didn't see a response to this problem, but I might have missed it in all
> the junk mail that I get and the fact that the Amaya mail list doesn't mark
> it as being Amaya mail,

I use a filter (in Icedove/Thunderbird) of To/Cc containing "www-amaya" 
which seems to catch Amaya posts quite well. I assume you can do 
something similar in mutt.

  so I'm reposting and marking the subject line to
> make it easier to find a response.  Sorry, if this has been responded to.

There was a reply from

> When loading a document, Amaya parses the source code and builds a DOM tree.
> Editing is then performed on this tree and a completely new source code is generated
> from the tree when the document is saved. Formatting of the source code is therefore
> not preserved by Amaya. The DOCTYPE declaration has nothing to do with this.
> I was not able to reproduce the bug of the misplaced </p>, but the bug of the
> new line generated before the '.' is now fixed in the CVS base.
> Thanks for pointing this out.
> Vincent. 


John Stumbles                             

Received on Saturday, 6 September 2008 17:54:49 UTC