Re: amaya 10 randomly losing work when saving

Hi Greg,

Greg White wrote:
>>> I was wondering if anyone has a problem Amaya10 randomly losing work when it saves.
>>> When I click on the save button sometimes all of the work I have done since the last
>>> save just disappears. Granted this happens rarely, 3 times in the 90 some odd times
>>> I have used amaya, but it is annoying. Has anyone else seen this?
>> Never seen this weird behavior. Could you explain further and/or try
>> to reduce the problem [1]?
>> * "all of the work I have done since the last save just disappears" -
>> does it mean that you actually see the document being reverted
>> immediately after saving it or you simply notice the symptom if you
>> try to reload (close followed by load) the document?
>> * Could it have to do with particular content which Amaya is unable to save?
>> * Are you sure to always hit the "Save" button (or the save menu or
>> key combination)? :-p (Could the 3% save failure be due to human
>> error...? ;-) )
>> [1]
> This is what I have seen:
> 1) While in amaya making changes to the html code I click on the disk and/or double disk icon to save.  My changes are gone.  The document reverts to the previous state.
> 2) While in amaya making changes to the document I click on the exit button to save and exit.  In this scenario I making a specific change.  I have FF3 and the document open, notice a spelling error, open amaya, make the chnage, click on the X, click on save, switch to the FF window, Ctrl-R to reload the document, and the change is not there
> I don't think it has to do with content.  The second time this happened to me I changed the spelling of a single word.
> I usually click on the disk or double disk, once in awhile I exit and save, rarely do I do file, save.
> Thanks,

I think I have found out a scenario to reproduce this problem:
- Make a change in the main (formatted) view
- Open the source view and make a change in this view
- Click on the SaveAll icon (double disk icon), the changes made in the 
source view have disappeared.
It is a combination of making changes in both view and using the SaveAll 
command that causes this problem.
It is now fixed in the cvs version. The fix will be available in the 
next version.

Thanks for reporting it.


Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 12:30:50 UTC