RE: amaya 10 randomly losing work when saving

>> I was wondering if anyone has a problem Amaya10 randomly losing work when it saves.
>> When I click on the save button sometimes all of the work I have done since the last
>> save just disappears. Granted this happens rarely, 3 times in the 90 some odd times
>> I have used amaya, but it is annoying. Has anyone else seen this?
> Never seen this weird behavior. Could you explain further and/or try
> to reduce the problem [1]?
> * "all of the work I have done since the last save just disappears" -
> does it mean that you actually see the document being reverted
> immediately after saving it or you simply notice the symptom if you
> try to reload (close followed by load) the document?
> * Could it have to do with particular content which Amaya is unable to save?
> * Are you sure to always hit the "Save" button (or the save menu or
> key combination)? :-p (Could the 3% save failure be due to human
> error...? ;-) )
> [1]

This is what I have seen:
1) While in amaya making changes to the html code I click on the disk and/or double disk icon to save.  My changes are gone.  The document reverts to the previous state.
2) While in amaya making changes to the document I click on the exit button to save and exit.  In this scenario I making a specific change.  I have FF3 and the document open, notice a spelling error, open amaya, make the chnage, click on the X, click on save, switch to the FF window, Ctrl-R to reload the document, and the change is not there

I don't think it has to do with content.  The second time this happened to me I changed the spelling of a single word.

I usually click on the disk or double disk, once in awhile I exit and save, rarely do I do file, save.


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Received on Sunday, 21 September 2008 15:35:16 UTC