You can already have as many saved sessions as you want!
Under Windows, simply create a BAT file, say session1.bat, with the 
"%ProgramFiles%\Amaya\WindowsWX\bin\amaya.exe" "C:\path to 
file\file1.html" ... "C:\path to file\fileN.html"
This will launch Amaya and open all of the files listed on the command 
line, each in its own tab.

Just create a separate sessionxxx.bat file (named anything you want, of 
course) for each group of files you need opened. I assume the same thing 
works under Linux using a script file. So by properly using the tools we 
already have, we can make our lives easier. And the Amaya developers can 
concentrate on the important stuff.

Keith Rubow

Juan Lanus wrote:
> Hi fwang,
> It's usual to have more than one open document in Amaya at a given time.
> And it's also usual to work for several days on the same set of 
> documents.
> Firefox has a nice feature for users who do so, namely the "Save 
> session" and "quick restart" extensions.
> These useful features let a user exit a session and have it reopened 
> upon browser restart, no matter how many windows and tabs were there.
> IMO Amaya is half way of having something like this because of it's 
> crash recover feature.
> Firefox apparently saves window information (geometry, position) and 
> tab URIs.
> The restart feature you filed in the wish list on behalf of John 
> Stumbles might well be the opportunity to consider the session saving 
> and restoring I'm suggesting.
> A nicety (not in Firefox) would be sort of "named sessions" to enable 
> clustering of documents one works with. This would add an "Open 
> document set" menu item and "session name" input element somewhere in 
> the session saving UC.
> Firefox seems to save the session data upon crashing, or preventively 
> when changes happen. If it didn't end happily then it offers the user 
> to recover the session as it was when the crash happened.
> --
> Juan Lanus

Received on Thursday, 14 August 2008 16:26:55 UTC