Re: Solaris 10 x86 compile bug still there

> Of course, I believe you have not been the first to have this idea

Sorry my suggestion didn't sound as expected - you tone suggests it
was somehow aggressive, which wasn't my intention at all. :-|

> but such a system would really make sense with a large number of developers.
> Unfortunately, the core team is small and few people from the open source
> community are involved in the development of Amaya. Hence the benefice you
> can get from a tracking bug system does not compensate the time the team
> has to spend to manage it...

IMHO this isn't true. I believe that bug tracking systems are valuable
even if the team is as small as one or two developers. Some arguments
towards my statement:
 * Imagine your team receives a new element. How will he be able to
know what's to be done? Crawling through the bug tracker can be enough
to get an idea;
 * Some open source developer wants to help. Usually one starts by
fixing simple issues to get used to the project's way of doing things,
code patterns, etc.. How can one know where to start?
 * One wants to contribute with a patch for a known issue. Wouldn't it
be easier to attach it to the issue report which may apply?
 * How can one easily know which issue(s) were fixed by a particular
version (without using version "diffs" nor consulting every release
notes) in order to, for example, establish a regression range for a
possible regression?
 * Establishing (not enforcing, but advising) a common way to report
issues: containing the reprodutibility, attaching a reduced test case,
 * Probably many more [1].

I agree that most of these can be done using the mailing list too, but
only if one of the developers can pick up the subject immediately. If
not things can get lost, or appear as lost (such as the message which
started this thread). Mailing lists are not to be replaced but, for
this particular matter (issue reporting through a bug reporting tool),
I believe they are more like a complement.

Best regards,

 Helder Magalh„es


Received on Thursday, 31 July 2008 13:15:38 UTC