Keith Rubow wrote:
> You can already have as many saved sessions as you want!
> Under Windows, simply create a BAT file, say session1.bat, with the 
> following:
> "%ProgramFiles%\Amaya\WindowsWX\bin\amaya.exe" "C:\path to 
> file\file1.html" ... "C:\path to file\fileN.html"
> This will launch Amaya and open all of the files listed on the command 
> line, each in its own tab.
> Just create a separate sessionxxx.bat file (named anything you want, of 
> course) for each group of files you need opened. I assume the same thing 
> works under Linux using a script file. So by properly using the tools we 
> already have, we can make our lives easier. And the Amaya developers can 
> concentrate on the important stuff.

Indeed. And in KDE one can do
     K->Run comand -> amaya /path/to/file.html path/to/file2.html
and so on, and stack up different invocations for different groups of 
files to pick from.

For the wishlist for when the developers have fixed all known bugs and 
have nothing better to do :-) it would be nice to have 2-dimensional 
tabs, or nested tabs, so that if one's maintaining multiple web sites 
one can have

   tab set 1: site1_index.html site1_file1.html site1_file2.html ...
   tab set 2: site2_index.html ... etc ...

One might think one could do this from the command line by running

   amaya site1_index.html site1_file1.html site1_file2.html ...
   amaya site2_index.html ... etc ...

and having the separate sites open in different instances of amaya, but 
amaya doesn't allow this "Error: Another instance is running"

John Stumbles                             

Received on Thursday, 14 August 2008 17:14:26 UTC