ENHANCEMENT-REQUEST: insert-link and insert-anchor buttons and Amaya profiles

fwang@inrialpes.fr wrote:
> I think hyperlink are disabled in your Amaya Profile.
> Try Edit->Preferences->General and set Amaya Profile to Advanced.

Ah! OK, I'd tried that before but I hadn't tried restarting Amaya after 
doing so. This time I did and the buttons re-appeared. Thanks.

So how "advanced" is it to insert a hyperlink into a Hyper Text Markup 
Language document?! As an enhancement request may I suggest:

* hyperlink butons should be part of all profiles
* profile changes which result in addition or removal of buttons should:
** take effect when the Apply button is pressed, or:
** there should be a warning that a restart is necessary to make the 
change take effect.

John Stumbles                                       http://yaph.org.uk

Received on Tuesday, 12 August 2008 09:21:05 UTC