Re: Solaris 10 x86 compile bug still there

>> Of course, I believe you have not been the first to have this idea
> Sorry my suggestion didn't sound as expected - you tone suggests it
> was somehow aggressive, which wasn't my intention at all. :-|

Actually, I said that because I have already had this idea too, and I
really think many people did. Maybe it's was not the better way to show my
agreement though.

>> but such a system would really make sense with a large number of
>> developers.
>> Unfortunately, the core team is small and few people from the open
>> source
>> community are involved in the development of Amaya. Hence the benefice
>> you
>> can get from a tracking bug system does not compensate the time the team
>> has to spend to manage it...
> IMHO this isn't true. I believe that bug tracking systems are valuable
> even if the team is as small as one or two developers. Some arguments
> towards my statement:
>  * Imagine your team receives a new element. How will he be able to
> know what's to be done? Crawling through the bug tracker can be enough
> to get an idea;
>  * Some open source developer wants to help. Usually one starts by
> fixing simple issues to get used to the project's way of doing things,
> code patterns, etc.. How can one know where to start?
>  * One wants to contribute with a patch for a known issue. Wouldn't it
> be easier to attach it to the issue report which may apply?
>  * How can one easily know which issue(s) were fixed by a particular
> version (without using version "diffs" nor consulting every release
> notes) in order to, for example, establish a regression range for a
> possible regression?
>  * Establishing (not enforcing, but advising) a common way to report
> issues: containing the reprodutibility, attaching a reduced test case,
> etc.;
>  * Probably many more [1].
> I agree that most of these can be done using the mailing list too, but
> only if one of the developers can pick up the subject immediately. If
> not things can get lost, or appear as lost (such as the message which
> started this thread). Mailing lists are not to be replaced but, for
> this particular matter (issue reporting through a bug reporting tool),
> I believe they are more like a complement.

We'll see what Irene will decide. But I still think it will finally give
her additional work and I'm not sure she will find it useful.

> Best regards,
>  Helder Magalhães
> [1]

Received on Thursday, 31 July 2008 14:01:57 UTC