RE: bug trackers

FWIW I support the idea of a bug tracker. The mailing list is hard to
use and there is no obvious way to check whether a bug has been reported
in the interval between the last update of the online bug list and the
date of joining the mailing list.

I joined in order to report a bug, namely:

 <button type="button"><div class="test">Text</div></button>

gets automatically changed by Amaya into

 <div class="test"><button type="button">Text</button</div>

if you save with the cursor in the WYSIWYG view (it doesn't if you have
the cursor in an HTML pane); it does this without any warning.

For all I know, lots of people have already reported this or similar
problems. For my application, I'd rate this problem "severe".

Regards to all,

CPK Smithies

Received on Monday, 4 August 2008 13:31:20 UTC