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Deadline Extension: Applications of Semantic Technologies AST2007 Pascal Hitzler (Sunday, 29 April)

Call for papers -- GSEM2007 Jinjun Chen (Friday, 27 April)

Deadline Extended: ICAIL Workshop on Semantic Web technology for Law Michel Klein (Friday, 27 April)

2007 Protege Conference: Deadline Reminder, Schedule Update Jennifer Vendetti (Friday, 27 April)

Reasoner with OWL 1.1 and TBox-query support (Thursday, 26 April)

Announcing: Search - Explore Linked Data Georgi Kobilarov (Wednesday, 25 April)

RE: Attracting wider participation [was: RE: Off-list RFC 3934 warning ([Ltru] Re: Language Tag Special Cases)] JFC Morfin (Wednesday, 25 April)

CfP: YR-SOC 2007 Gorton, S.M. (Wednesday, 25 April)

resources for network-based/hierarchical RDF store Andreas Langegger (Wednesday, 25 April)

Global Risk Management Ontology Azamat (Tuesday, 24 April)

Special Issue on Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web, Journal of Web Semantics Peter Mika (Tuesday, 24 April)

Re: [Ltru] RE: [Fwd: Language Ontology] JFC Morfin (Tuesday, 24 April)

Ontologies for "Genre" Dianne Kennedy (Monday, 23 April)

CFP: Doctoral Consortium workshop in conjunction with the OTM Federated Conferences Antonia Albani (Monday, 23 April)

[Fwd: Language Ontology] Dan Brickley (Monday, 23 April)

OWL version of Dublin Core? Yoshio Fukushige (Monday, 23 April)

Final CFP: K-CAP 2007 Jeff Z. Pan (Monday, 23 April)

Final Call for Papers: DEECS 2007 at ACM EC'07 - 3rd International Workshop on Data Engineering Issues in E-Commerce and Services - deadline extended Martin Hepp (Monday, 23 April)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.14 Dave Beckett (Monday, 23 April)

Looking for some ontologies for my experiment! Leon Essence (Monday, 23 April)

plural vs singular properties (a proposal) Sandro Hawke (Monday, 23 April)

SWEO community project "knowee", call for participation Benjamin Nowack (Sunday, 22 April)

CFP: IEEE/WIC/ACM IAT 2007 (Silicon Valley,USA) DL: June 1 Jia Hu (Sunday, 22 April)

CfP: Applications of Semantic Technologies AST2007 Pascal Hitzler (Saturday, 21 April)

ANN: NG4J 0.6 with GRDDL and <link> support Richard Cyganiak (Friday, 20 April)

Extended deadline: CFP - SSW 2007 E. Segura (Thursday, 19 April)

Extended deadline: CFP - SASA 2007 E. Segura (Thursday, 19 April)

Semantic Search Survey Michiel Hildebrand (Wednesday, 18 April)

OWL Interoperability Benchmarking - Call for participation Raúl García Castro (Wednesday, 18 April)

CfP for ICAIL Workshop on Semantic Web technology for Law Michel Klein (Wednesday, 18 April)

IRI meets RDF meets HTTP redirect Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 18 April)

ESWC 2007: Call for Participation Stijn Heymans (Wednesday, 18 April)

Re: Disaster management ontologies?] (Wednesday, 18 April)

SWEL'07@AI-ED'07: Deadline EXTENDED to May 1, 2007 Dicheva, Darina (Tuesday, 17 April)

Collaborative Knowledge Creation Challenge - Call for Participation Gerd Stumme (Tuesday, 17 April)

Call for Participation: International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics (IWOD-07) Giorgos Flouris (Tuesday, 17 April)

RDFa Use Cases and Primer Working Drafts - Comments Welcome! Ben Adida (Tuesday, 17 April)

IJMSO: Special issue on Search using Metadata, Semantic, and Ontologies Francesco Guerra (Tuesday, 17 April)

2007 Protege Conference: Keynote Speaker, Tutorials, Birds-of-a-Feather Meetings Jennifer Vendetti (Monday, 16 April)

Doctoral Consortium 2nd CFP (ISWC 2007 + ASWC 2007) Masahiro Hori (Monday, 16 April)

Re: Disaster management ontologies?] (forwading a mail from Azamat Abdoullaev) Ivan Herman (Monday, 16 April)

CFP - BAOSW'07 - 2nd Building and Applying Ontologies for the Semantic Web Fred Freitas (Monday, 16 April)


Semantic Web In Use Track: 2nd CFP (ISWC 2007 + ASWC 2007) Masahiro Hori (Saturday, 14 April)


ANN [reminder]: Second Jena User Conference and call for submissions Chris Dollin (Friday, 13 April)

Latest Semantic Web podcast with Eric Miller released today Paul Miller (Friday, 13 April)

Administrative Geography for GB. John Goodwin (Friday, 13 April)

Deadline Approaches: The 2007 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI07) IEEE-IRI07-Publicity (Friday, 13 April)

Disaster management ontologies? Tim Berners-Lee (Friday, 13 April)

Summer School "Reasoning Web 2007": Application Deadline Approaching Uta Schwertel (Thursday, 12 April)

Software Patterns Blog SPBlog (Thursday, 12 April)

Semano - Survey on my final year project. (Wednesday, 11 April)

Model-Driven Web Engineering (Final Call for Papers) Como July 2007 Nora Koch (Wednesday, 11 April)

Question about ontology query languages... (please reply!!!) Cristina Lancioni, Doctor in Computer Science (Tuesday, 10 April)

2nd CfP: CONTEXT'07 workshop on Contexts and Ontologies: Representation and Reasoning (C&O:RR-2007) pavel (Tuesday, 10 April)

IEEE TCSC Technical Area on "Workflow Management in Scalable Computing Environments" Jinjun Chen (Tuesday, 10 April)

Repeated use of same property in Restricitions for same Class Hans Teijgeler (Tuesday, 10 April)

vCard/iCalendar RDF process document 2007-04-06 Garret Wilson (Tuesday, 10 April)

RE: Towards a TAG consideration of CURIEs Misha Wolf (Friday, 6 April)

Research Track: 2nd CFP (ISWC 2007 + ASWC 2007) Masahiro Hori (Friday, 6 April)

GRDDL Use Cases: Scenarios of extracting RDF data from XML documents - Working Group Note Fabien Gandon (Friday, 6 April)

[CFP] BAST2007: Business added-value of semantic technologies, Vienna, Austria May31, June1 2007 Christoph Tempich (Thursday, 5 April)

CfP: Applications of Semantic Technologies AST2007 Pascal Hitzler (Thursday, 5 April)

cfp: semantics4ws'07 | Advances in Semantics for Web services Workshop, Brisbane, Australia semantics4ws workshop (Wednesday, 4 April)

cfp: semantics4ws'07 | Advances in Semantics for Web services Workshop, Brisbane, Australia semantics4ws workshop (Wednesday, 4 April)

Deadline extension: April 18 - mda4soa'07; 2nd edition mda4soa 2007 (Wednesday, 4 April)

Baetling away Henry Story (Wednesday, 4 April)

New Interface for SemWebCentral Troy Self (Tuesday, 3 April)

How to describe composite products..? Danny Ayers (Tuesday, 3 April)

[ANN] First Draft of RIF Core Sandro Hawke (Monday, 2 April)

ESWC Workshop on Personalization: new deadline for submissions (Monday, 2 April)

Call for papers: SBPM at ESWC 2007 Workshop on semantic business process and product lifecycle management (Monday, 2 April)

PhD Projects on Semantic Web Technologies at the Knowledge Media Institute Enrico Motta (Monday, 2 April)

CfP: First European Workshop on Use of Ontologies in Logistics Applications (OntoLogistics 2007) Martin Hepp (Monday, 2 April)

Deadline Extended: I-SEMANTICS 2007, Graz, Austria, September 2007 Sebastian Schaffert (Monday, 2 April)

Re: [vcard] OWL or RDF for vCard? David Powell (Monday, 2 April)

[vcard] properties with variable ranges David Powell (Monday, 2 April)

[vcard] multiple names, multiple address lines David Powell (Monday, 2 April)

ANN: Thea OWL library for SWI Prolog v0.5 Vangelis Vassiliadis (Monday, 2 April)

more musings on RDF vCard and iCalendar Garret Wilson (Sunday, 1 April)

An ontology for graphical user interfaces Lennert Acke (Sunday, 1 April)

Restrictions on Bags and Seqs content Roberto García (Sunday, 1 April)

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