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* ==INVITED SPEAKERS== Luis von Ahn and Oren Etzioni
* The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-CAP 2007)
* 28-31 October 2007
* Whistler, BC, CANADA

Information in all forms is increasingly available, but using it
effectively requires a range of technologies for acquiring and
representing that information. These technologies constitute
knowledge capture, and involve the extraction of useful knowledge
from vast and diverse sources of information as well as its
acquisition directly from users. Driven by the demands for
knowledge-based applications and the unprecedented availability of
information on the Internet, the study of knowledge capture has a
renewed importance.

Although there has been considerable work in the area of knowledge
capture, activities have been distributed across several distinct
research communities, including knowledge engineering, machine
learning, natural language processing, and the Semantic Web
community. K-CAP 2007 will provide a forum that brings together
disparate research communities such as these, whose members are
interested in efficiently capturing knowledge from a variety of
sources and in creating representations that can be useful for
reasoning. We solicit high-quality research papers for publication
and presentation at our conference. Our aim is to promote
multidisciplinary research that could lead to a new generation of
tools and methodologies for knowledge capture. K-CAP 2007 follows
on the success of three previous conferences in 2005 (Banff,
Canada), in 2003 (Florida, USA), and 2001 (Victoria, Canada).

The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture, K-CAP
2007 will feature invited Talks, Technical Papers, Posters and
Demos on a range of topics including:

    * Knowledge Engineering & modelling methodologies
    * Knowledge Engineering & the Semantic Web
    * Mixed-initiative planning & decision-support tools
    * Acquisition of problem-solving knowledge
    * Knowledge-based markup techniques
    * Knowledge extraction systems
    * Knowledge acquisition tools
    * Advice taking systems


Workshops / Tutorials proposals due     7 April 2007
Technical papers due    6 May 2007
Posters due     1 July 2007
Workshops / Tutorials   28 October 2007
Conference  29-31 October 2007

INVITED SPEAKERS: Luis von Ahn and Oren Etzioni

* Luis von Ahn is an assistant professor in the Computer Science
 Department at Carnegie Mellon University, where he also received
 his Ph.D. in 2005. Previously, Luis obtained a B.S. in mathematics
 from Duke University in 2000. He is the recipient of a MacArthur
 Fellowship, and was named one of Popular Science Magazine's
 “Brilliant 10” scientists of 2006. His research interests
 encouraging people to do work for free, as well as catching and
 thwarting cheaters in online environments.

* Oren Etzioni is a Professor of Computer Science at the University
 of Washington's Computer Science Department, and the founder and
 director of the university's Turing Center. He received his Ph.D.
 from Carnegie Mellon in 1990, and his B.A. from Harvard in 1986.
 Etzioni has authored of over 100 technical papers on topics ranging
 from intelligent agents to data mining and Web search. In 2005,
 he was awarded the IJCAI Distinguished Paper Award for "A
 Probabilistic Model of Redundancy in Information Extraction".
 He received a National Young Investigator Award in 1993, and
 was chosen as a AAAI Fellow a decade later.

 Etzioni is the founder of three companies. Most recently, he is
 the founder of Farecast (, a company that
 utilizes data mining to inform consumers about the right time to
 buy their air tickets. His work has been featured in the New York
 Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, SCIENCE, The Economist, TIME
 Magazine, Business Week, Newsweek, Discover Magazine, Forbes
 Magazine, Wired, and elsewhere.


The conference will be held at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler
(K-CAP 2007 has negotiated a Conference rate). Whistler is on the
west side of the Rocky Mountains, and is easily reachable from
Vancouver in less than 2 hours by road (~ 75 miles). Van services
operate from Vancouver airport. Whistler is to be one of the sites
of the 2010 Winter Olympics. More information

    * Whistler -
    * -
    * Aloha Whistler -
    * The Fairmont Chateau Whistler -
    * Vancouver airport -
    * (Later the K-CAP 2007 www site will include information on travel)


Conference Chair    Derek Sleeman (University of Aberdeen)
Program Chair   Ken Barker (University of Texas)
Workshop & Tutorials Chair  John Gennari (University of Washington)
Local Arrangements  Rob Kremer (University of Calgary)
Publicity   Jeff Pan (University of Aberdeen)
Treasurer   John Thompson (Boeing Company)
Sponsorship (Co-Chairs)     Yolanda Gil (USC) & David Leake (Indiana
Webmaster   David Corsar (University of Aberdeen)

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K-CAP 2007 is sponsored by ACM SIGART and held in cooperation with


Dr. Jeff Z. Pan (
Department of Computing Science, The University of Aberdeen

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