Re: OWL version of Dublin Core?

Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> On 23 Apr 2007, at 12:46, Yoshio Fukushige wrote:
>> My current problem is that I want a transitive version of
>> .
>> Should I use a property in other major vocabularies,
>> for example
>> (I'm not sure if it is major, though)
>> Or defining my own transitive property as a subPropertyOf
>> would make more sense?
> I would recommend to define your own property and make it a subproperty 
> of dc:isPartOf. This is a common approach: Define your own vocabulary 
> with all the constraints you need, and then relate it to popular 
> vocabularies using subClassOf/subPropertyOf. This gives you the best of 
> two worlds -- hand-tailored constraints, and compatibility with 
> consumers of the popular vocabularies (provided they do 
> subclass/subproperty inference).

I forget which checker I was using, but I remember trying this technique 
and seeing complaints that I was sub-propertying an OWL Full property. 
Unless I said for eg that isPartOf was an ObjectProperty...


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