IEEE TCSC Technical Area on "Workflow Management in Scalable Computing Environments"

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Scalable computing environments, such as grid computing environments,
cluster computing environments, service oriented computing environments,
peer-to-peer or decentralised computing environments and so on, enable
collaborations between large-scale resources to support complex scientific
and business applications such as climate modelling, structural biology and
chemistry, medical surgery, disaster recovery, international stock market
modelling, financial risk analysis and so on. These complex applications
often require the creation of a collaborative workflow management system as
part of their sophisticated problem solving processes. By this, e-scientists
and e-business people who lack the low-level expertise can still utilise the
underlying large-scale scalable computing toolkits such as GT4, Gridbus,
myGrid and other toolkits to support the sophisticated problem solving
processes in their complex applications. As such, the research and
development of workflow management in scalable computing environments become
a must and have evoked a high degree of interest.

This technical area aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners
and developers from the areas of scalable computing (such as grid computing,
cluster computing, service oriented computing, peer-to-peer or decentralised
computing and so on) and workflow or process research to exchange the latest
individual research and development ideas, and particularly the latest
joint-venture and synergic research and development on workflow support in
scalable computing environments. 

Received on Tuesday, 10 April 2007 10:45:38 UTC