Call for Participation: International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics (IWOD-07)

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International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics (IWOD-07)

(to be held as part of the ESWC-07 conference, in Innsbruck, Austria, on 7
June, 2007)

Workshop Description
One of the crucial tasks to be performed towards the realization of the
vision of the Semantic Web is the encoding of human knowledge in
ontologies using formal representation languages. Simply creating an
ontology is not enough though; ontologies, just like any structure holding
knowledge, need to be updated for several reasons, including a change in
the world being modeled, a change in users' needs, the acquisition of
knowledge previously unknown, classified or otherwise unavailable or a
design flaw in the original conceptualization. In all these cases, the
representation of our knowledge in the ontology should be modified so as
to form a more accurate or adequate conceptualization of the domain. Such
a modification presents several difficulties from both the practical and
the theoretical point of view, as it is not always clear what the
expected, or desired, result of any particular modification should be, nor
how such a result can be determined.

Workshop Objectives and Topics of Interest
This workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in the field
of ontology dynamics in order to discuss and analyze important
characteristics, open research issues and recent research developments on
the field. We encourage submissions on all topics related to ontology
dynamics, including theoretical work on the issues involved directly or
indirectly with change as well as applications or implemented systems
related to such issues. We are particularly (but not exclusively)
interested in the following topics:
  o Ontology evolution
  o Ontology versioning
  o Formal aspects of ontology dynamics
  o Foundational issues
  o Extensions to ontology languages to better support change
  o Belief revision for ontologies and the Semantic Web
  o Inconsistency handling in evolving ontologies
  o Change propagation in ontologies and metadata
  o Ontologies for dynamic environments
  o Dynamic knowledge construction and exploitation
  o Case studies, software tools, use cases, applications
  o Open problems

Workshop Venue
The workshop is open to all members of the Semantic Web community. It will
take place in Innsbruck, Austria, as part of the ESWC 2007 conference
(, on 7 June 2007. All workshop participants must
pay the ESWC 2007 workshop registration fee, as well as the conference

Organizing Committee
Giorgos Flouris (CNR, Italy) - co-chair
Mathieu d'Aquin (The Open University, United Kingdom) - co-chair
Grigoris Antoniou (FORTH, Greece)
Jeff Z. Pan (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
Dimitris Plexousakis (FORTH, Greece)

Program Committee
Peter Haase
Christian Halaschek-Wiener
Andreas Herzig
Zhisheng Huang
Yarden Katz
Thomas Meyer
Enrico Motta
Wim Peters
Peter Plessers
Guilin Qi
Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Holger Wache
Renata Wassermann

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