RE: resources for network-based/hierarchical RDF store

Dear group members,

most of currently available RDF triple store implementations (Jena,
3store, sesame, etc.) use relational database systems as the underlying
information system. Well, I guess this is because they are well known,
have proven to scale and perform, you get existing features for data
management, indexing, transactions, etc. and can use existing tools.

However, are there any resources (papers/projects/links/...) where RDF
storage in network/hierarchical databases is investigated? Would there
be benefits?

The bottlenecks with RDBMS are either huge joins over the same table =>
memory problem for large datasets or complex query processing which at
the moment has to be done in the higher app level. There should be
better support inside the DBMS in future like special join operations.

If sb has pointers or comments, I'd appreciate!

best regards,


Hi Andy

There is Virtuoso at

This is a general purpose relational engine but has RDF support built very
close to the core, with special joins, accommodations for SPARQL queries in
the SQL query optimizer etc.

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