RDFa Use Cases and Primer Working Drafts - Comments Welcome!

Dear Semantic Web and HTML communities,

We invite you to read and send any feedback on the latest RDFa Use Cases
and Primer working drafts, linked below.

RDFa is a syntax for embedding RDF triples in HTML (currently XHTML
only, though hopefully HTML, too), with a few important principles:

1) All the goodness of RDF (extensibility, modularity, granularity of
reuse, etc...)

2) DRY: what is rendered in HTML can be reused to form the RDF triples

3) In-Context, aka Copy-and-Paste: a chunk of HTML should be fully
self-contained with respect to the structure it expresses. This is
particularly useful for web widgets, user agents that enable contextual
"right-click for more information," etc.

For those familiar with microformats, RDFa and microformats have certain
common goals. The core difference is that RDFa is mainly concerned with
letting anyone create, use, and extend vocabularies thanks to a single
unifying syntax. We are also working to integrate microformats into the
RDFa toolset using GRDDL [1].

The Semantic Web Deployment Working Group has recently published working
drafts of the RDFa Use Cases and Primer:


We invite you to send comments on these drafts to our mailing list:


The detailed RDFa Syntax is in the works, and should be available in
working draft form in June.


-Ben Adida
ben@adida.net / ben@creativecommons.org

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/grddl/

Received on Tuesday, 17 April 2007 14:45:47 UTC