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LSID RDF Browser now available for FireFox Sean Martin (Friday, 30 June)

[BioRDF] All about the LSID URI/URN Sean Martin (Friday, 30 June)

The Cancer Cell Map - a new human cancer pathway database Gary Bader (Wednesday, 28 June)

Computational Linguistic algorithm design with reconfigurable computing Beatriz Navarro (Monday, 26 June)

Minutes of June 22 HCLS Conference Call Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 28 June)

Re: [HCLS-ACPP] Clinical Domain Knowledge using HL7 RIM OWL Ontology - Review presentation and discussion on June 28, 2:00pm Eric Neumann (Tuesday, 27 June)

[HCLS-ACPP] Clinical Domain Knowledge using HL7 RIM OWL Ontology - Review presentation and discussion on June 28, 2:00pm (Tuesday, 27 June)

[HCLS-ACPP] Tconf Tuesday, June 27 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST (Monday, 26 June)

[BIONT] Telecon Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 26 June)

ontology specs for self-publishing experiment AJ Chen (Sunday, 25 June)

Net Neutrality and it's potential effect on Public Healthcare and Medical Research Eric Neumann (Saturday, 24 June)

BIRN Use Cases - and the BIRNLex controlled, lexical framework William Bug (Friday, 23 June)

Minutes from June 19 BioRDF TC Eric Neumann (Thursday, 22 June)

HCLSig June 22 Teleconference Agenda Hongsermeier, Tonya M.,M.D. (Thursday, 22 June)

2nd CFP: KR-MED 2006 "Biomedical Ontology in Action" Olivier Bodenreider (Wednesday, 21 June)

HCLS/WebClosureSocialConvention Wiki Chimezie Ogbuji (Wednesday, 21 June)

URI thoughts Eric Neumann (Tuesday, 20 June)

'NWeSp'06 - deadline extension Kwangcheol Shin (Tuesday, 20 June)

Follow-Up to HCLSIG BioRDF Conference Call - June 19th Chimezie Ogbuji (Monday, 19 June)

SciPub task: seeking input to requirements AJ Chen (Monday, 19 June)

URIs Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 16 June)

Introduction Chimezie Ogbuji (Wednesday, 14 June)

Re: Shared google calendar? Jonathan Rees (Tuesday, 13 June)

Re: [HCLS-ACPP] Teleconference Today - Minute (Tuesday, 13 June)

Fw: [HCLS-ACPP] Tconf Every Tuesday 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST - Updated Group Page now on ESW Wiki (Tuesday, 13 June)

Job Opportunity - SW Architect - Ingenuity Systems, Redwood City Tofoi Yandall-Moore (Monday, 12 June)

Publish your research results, thoughts, etc., in Biological Knowledge (jnl) Bob Futrelle (Tuesday, 13 June)

[HCLS-ACPP] Teleconference Today (Tuesday, 13 June)

[BIONT] Teleconference Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 13 June)

SeS2006 kc28 (Tuesday, 13 June)

FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS: KSinBIT 2006 Oct 29 - Nov 3 2006, Montpellier, France M. Scott Marshall (Monday, 12 June)

[BIONT] Bridging Ontology Task Donald Doherty, Ph.D. (Friday, 9 June)

scientific publishing task force update AJ Chen (Friday, 9 June)

Re: [Moderator Action (size limit exceeded)] WWW 2006 Semantics for HCLS Tutorial Slides Ralph R. Swick (Thursday, 8 June)

[HCLS-ACPP] Ontological View of Clinical Pathways and Protocols (Thursday, 8 June)

[BIONT] Teleconference - Revised Agenda Kashyap, Vipul (Thursday, 8 June)

FW: MBC Invitation - Emerging Semantic Web Applications for the Life Sciences Joanne Luciano (Thursday, 8 June)

HCLSig June 8 Teleconference Agenda: Eric Neumann (Wednesday, 7 June)

updates to Monday's BioRDF call minutes William Bug (Wednesday, 7 June)

[BioRDF] June 5 Telcon Minutes Available M. Scott Marshall (Wednesday, 7 June)

[BIONT] Teleconference Kashyap, Vipul (Tuesday, 6 June)

Electronic Lab Notebooks supporting R&D - Join us for an Open Event in Oxford Barry Hardy (Tuesday, 6 June)

[HCLS-ACPP] Tconf Every Tuesday 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST (Tuesday, 6 June)

NeuroNames [was: slides for the UMLS presentation] Mork, Peter D.S. (Tuesday, 6 June)

{Disarmed} Gyri of the human neocortex: an MRI-based analysis of volume and variance -- Kennedy et al. 8 (4): 372 -- Cerebral Cortex Tim Clark (Tuesday, 6 June)

[BIONT] Teleconference Kashyap, Vipul (Monday, 5 June)

NWeSP 2006 : Call for papers Kwangcheol Shin (Monday, 5 June)

Programme for Data Webs Workshop, June 28th Eric Neumann (Friday, 2 June)

Call for Papers: AAAI Fall Symposium on Semantic Web for Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition (SWeCKa 2006) Doina Caragea (Friday, 2 June)

Re: BioRDF [Telcon] Susie Stephens (Thursday, 1 June)

Use of LSID's "in the wild" Mark Wilkinson (Thursday, 1 June)

CANCELLED: HCLSig June 1 Teleconference Agenda Eric Neumann (Thursday, 1 June)

CANCELLED: HCLSig May 5-18 Teleconference Agenda Eric Neumann (Thursday, 1 June)

[BIONT] [BioRDF] a model for integrating DB's John Barkley (Thursday, 1 June)

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