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Regrets next two weeks Alex Hall (Monday, 30 April)

Named Graphs / Layers / Surfaces / Doohickies added to JSON-LD Manu Sporny (Monday, 30 April)

Status of JSON-LD Manu Sporny (Monday, 30 April)

Layers Sandro Hawke (Sunday, 29 April)

Sandro's proposal VS RDF Datasets Antoine Zimmermann (Friday, 27 April)

more on the term "named graphs" Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 26 April)

Comment on the Dataset proposal (syntax) Antoine Zimmermann (Thursday, 26 April)

Contradicting definitions of “property” Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 26 April)

25 April telecon minutes Alex Hall (Wednesday, 25 April)

RDF Semantics Editors Draft? David Wood (Wednesday, 25 April)

some GRAPHS strawpolls for today (agenda?) Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 25 April)

Graphs Design 6.2 Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 25 April)

Agenda for 25 April 2012 David Wood (Monday, 23 April)

regrets and a new spin on contexts Pat Hayes (Monday, 23 April)

agenda 18 April telecon Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 17 April)

RDF with contexts Pat Hayes (Monday, 16 April)

[Graphs] Semantic Content Packages David Wood (Monday, 16 April)

Fwd: "Tagged Graphs" (was Re: complete vs partial graph semantics) Steve Harris (Friday, 13 April)

Labelled graphs Andy Seaborne (Friday, 13 April)

Union or not union for the default graph... Ivan Herman (Thursday, 12 April)

regrets for the coming telecon Zhe Wu (Wednesday, 11 April)

Re: Review of Turtle doc (part 1) Gavin Carothers (Wednesday, 11 April)

Attempt to provide semantics to Sandro's named graph design Ivan Herman (Tuesday, 10 April)

Fwd: Use Case: "Expressing FRBR Descriptions using Named Graphs" Ivan Herman (Tuesday, 10 April)

Fwd: [Moderator Action] Case on Europeana data and named graphs Ivan Herman (Tuesday, 10 April)

[ALL] Agenda for 11 April 2012 David Wood (Monday, 9 April)

Review of Turtle doc (part 2) Andy Seaborne (Monday, 9 April)

FYI: Two XML Schema Specifications are Recommendations Ivan Herman (Thursday, 5 April)

Fwd: Use Case: "Expressing FRBR Descriptions using Named Graphs" David Wood (Thursday, 5 April)

RDF, RDA, MARC and FRBR David Wood (Wednesday, 4 April)

agenda 4 April telecon Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 3 April)

Crawler Example Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 3 April)

Fwd: Comment on RDF 1.1: use case for HTML5 data type (on ISSUE-63) Ivan Herman (Monday, 2 April)

Re: New Proposal (6.1) for GRAPHS Sandro Hawke (Monday, 2 April)

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