Re: regrets and a new spin on contexts

On 4/30/12 11:21 AM, Thomas Baker wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 10:41:52AM -0400, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>>> What I like about "lens" is that a lens, almost by definition, somehow alters
>>> -- magnifies, distorts, refracts, corrects, whatever -- the view.  As I see it,
>>> people are seeing the context from a particular (point of) "view",
>>> "perspective", or "angle", but they are seeing it _through_ the "lens".  It is
>>> this instrument -- the lens -- that interests us, not the thinking underlying
>>> the design of the lens.
> ...
>> How about:  "context lenses" ?
>> A context oriented lens is basically a specific kind of view.
> Hey, that's not bad!  Together with "corrective lenses", "historical lenses",
> and "zoom lenses" -- without getting _too_ fancy with the typology -- I see the
> makings of a halfway entertaining presentation.
> Tom
> P.S. With "a specific kind of view", I don't think you mean to imply that
> "context lens" is somehow formally a sub-class of some broader notion of view,
> do you?  Just checking.

Not formally, more about an "application cue" which can be grounded in 
the data via a relation. Basically, this relation asserts that you look 
at (or view) the dataset in a certain way etc..



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