Review of Turtle doc (part 2)

== Meta-comment

What's the process for comments processing?  I'm hoping for acknowledge 
(or refusal, with reason) of each point as has been done elsewhere 

== Summary

As this is last call, and a change that would cause a change in a 
implementation of the LC doc would require a new LC, it's safer to get 
this doc sorted and aim for a single last call.

The grammar is not quite up-to-date.

The process of turning bytes into triples has some missing parts.

There are mistakes around charset between description and registration 
that need sorting out (a change here would be a new LC).

I think a registration of "application/n-triples" is likely to cause 
less confusion over time.

== 6.1 Parser State

"a state of four items"
There are five items in the bulleted list.

"test:" -- what's this?  occurs three times.

"is bound to the subject production"
I know what this intends to say, but the wording does not convey it. 
What does "bound" mean in this context?  needs explaining.

The state variables curSubject and curPredicate must be stacks for 
recursive use. e.g. nested blankNodePropertyLists.

== 6.2 RDF Term constructors

Foot note 1 : "section 3.3. defines" -- section 3.3 does not exist.

(the link is actually to 'TeamSubmission/turtle/#sec-strings')

ANON "A blank node" -> "A fresh blank node"

blankNodePropertyList - ditto
collection -- ditto

In addition,

== 6.3. RDF Triples Constructors

A more formal presentation, for example, written in pseudo code, would 
be clearer.

"novel" blank node -> "fresh" blank node for consistency.

"The node produced by matching blankNodePropertyList is blank node B"
   where is B mentioned again?

For collections, same about "Bhead".

There is nothing about ";" and ",".

== 6.4 Parsing Example.

Should not mention LALR(1) -- it should be following the description in 
the previous sections of section 6.

There are details in the process that are not in the earlier normative 
description (e.g. ";").

"save curSubject" is in fact a stack.

== 7 Examples

Please give complete examples including prefixes.

What's the relationship of this to section 6.4?

What about giving the N-triples forms? (here or later)

== 8 Identifiers for Turtle

What about N-triples?

Remove "issue".

ttl:turtle ==>

which is not a helpful example.

== 9 Conformance.

The test suites are not correctly licensed.

Add notes that the test suite hasn't been approved yet.

Test 29 is wrong as has been noted. (illegal IRI: a parser can reject 
the file at parse time withotu generating triples).

What's the status of the test suite?  Are there tests for new features 
like escaping?

== 10 Media Type

Suggest add example "text/turtle;charset=utf-8" to explain implications 
of charset.

"until such time as the text/ media type tree permits UTF-8"
This reads like an assertion that it will change at some time but it's 
outside this WG.  Remove.

The registration lists charset as optional.

== 11. Turtle in HTML

Is section this formative or informative?

All of section 11 seems to be informative.

== 12 N-triples

"The syntax is an improved version"
"The syntax is an revised version"

"as a dump format for RDF data."
"as an exchange format for RDF data."

which avoids database language.

== 12.1 Media Type and Content Encoding

Why is is "application/ntriples" and not "application/n-triples" given 
the language is called "N-triples"?  It would avoid confusion to make it 

"The content encoding of N-Triples is always UTF-8."
   Not true - if its "text/plain" then it's ASCII.

"As N-Triples is a subset of Turtle it may also be provided as 
text/turtle. "
   please remove.
If using "text/turtle;charset=utf-8" then it's Turtle, not N-triples.

Maybe less formal:  "note that when parsed by a Turtle parser, data in 
the N-Triples format will produce exactly the same triples as the 
restricted N-triples language".

== 12.3


== 12.4

Make the same style as Turtle.

Use full names, not "subj", "pred" etc.

remove @terminals


BLANK_NODE_LABEL is not PN_LOCAL from Turtle anymore.
PN_CHARS are also not from Turtle anymore.

Use of "\\" when "\" is meant.

Remove @pass.

== Section 13

Not reviewed.

== Section A (Turtle Media Type)

Puts charset under "optional" - isn't it required?

Change control: needs updating.

== Section B (N-Triples media type)

charset not mentioned under parameters.

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