RDF Semantics Editors Draft?

Hi Peter and Pat,

The RDF WG briefly discussed the need for an RDF Semantics editors draft at today's telecon.  I am aware that there are a lot of open issues and therefore hard to produce a draft, but perhaps it makes sense to have a single document that lists the issues in one place.

In any event, we would like to discuss this at next week's telecon if you can make it.  Thanks.

Relevant comments from IRC (no log published yet since the meeting isn't over):
ivan: one thing that came up early was discussion to change title of RDF Semantics document, reorganize to make the rules normative and deemphasize the model-theoretic semantics AlexHall @ 11:20
... think it's a good thing to do but huge amount of editorial work AlexHall @ 11:20
cygri: is there an editors draft of RDF Semantics yet? 11:21
[no] 11:21
cygri: given that there are larger changes to the doc, would feel better if there were an editors draft by now. 11:21
guus: suggest we should put it on the agenda for next week


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