Re: RDF with contexts

Thanks for writing this. Some comments below.

1. The following sentence is really difficult to understand. I had to 
read it carefully three times to understand what it means:

"A triple sss rdf:inherits ooo is true in I just when voc(IJ(ooo)) is 
the restricted vocabulary specified for a context indicated by the IRI 
ooo and con(IJ(sss)) satisfies the semantic conditions specified for the 
context indicated by the IRI ooo."

2. This part of the semantics is ill-defined:

"For a URI uuu in the context C, I(uuu) = con(C)(uuu) if uuu is in 
voc(C), otherwise I(uuu) = IJ(uuu)."

There can be several context (say C1 and C2) having uuu in their 
vocabularies so I(uuu) = con(C1)(uuu) and I(uuu) = con(C2)(uuu). The 
definition of interpretation does not say that all interpretations 
assigned by con must interpret the same URI identically (and it should 
not to address the cases of diverging opinions).


Le 16/04/2012 19:59, Pat Hayes a écrit :
> Sorry this has taken so long, but the 'RDF plus contexts' proposal is
> now on the wiki at
> I havnt yet applied it to all the use case, but hopefully I will have
> that outlined by Wednesday. I have tried to keep it brief (earlier
> drafts were starting to read like a doctoral thesis.)
> I hope it makes sense, but ask questions if not. There are also some
> informative slides on slideshare:
> FWIW, the 'context logic' one gets here is very similar indeed to
> that developed by Guha and used in CYCL very successfully. The
> genesis of this idea was noticing how very similar CYC's notion of
> context inheritance was to owl:imports.
> Pat
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