Re: The way we do things in the Semantic Web community (was: Re: Labelled graphs)

On 25 Apr 2012, at 19:44, Sandro Hawke wrote:

> Yes, we probably only get one shot with a W3C Recommendation for this,
> so we don't want to get it wrong.  But the Named Graphs paper was seven
> years ago.  I don't think sitting back and waiting for more research to
> happen is a great strategy, either.

We don't need research, we have practical experience of how named graphs can be applied, and where they are most useful. The named graphs paper doesn't really represent current practice.

Named graphs have been in use in production systems (admittedly small scale until a few years ago) since before SPARQL 1.0 went to CR. I think we as an industry have a pretty clear idea of how they work, what needs tightening up, and what is just fine.

- Steve

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