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api comments

Civic Address for V2

delivering test cases

FYI: GEOPRIV meeting on thursday

Geolication API level 2 - editor's draft

geolocation privacy statement strawman

Intended usage notification

ISSUE-2 (privacy): Should the Geolocation API include privacy information?

ISSUE-3 (civic-addressing): Exposing civic addresses in the API

ISSUE-4 (privacy-geopriv): GEOPRIV WG proposal for privacy within the API

ISSUE-5 (privacy-text): What should the Recommendation state about security and privacy considerations?

More on TimeOut, MaximumAge and EnableHighAccuracy

NYT article on location and privacy

Opera Geolocation build

PositionOptions.timeout & UserAgent permission

privacy issues

renaming enableHighAccuracy

Test suite

Tracker and other tools

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