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Ian Hickson <>, 2009-03-03 22:40 +0000:

>  Andrei's proposal  draft-arai-ecrit-japan-req-01
>  country            
>  region             
>  county             
>  city               
>  premises           add_others
>  street             add_name
>  street number      add_num
>  details            add_code
>  postalcode         add_post

FWIW, I live in Japan (Tokyo) and the above looks like a
mostly-reasonable mapping to me. True, the notion of a literal
"street" and "street number" are not used in addresses in Japan.
But I don't think developers in Japan would have any trouble
logically mapping the equivalent to a "street" and "street number"
field. And I know There's also a particular issue with Tokyo in
that it's not really a city in the same way that most cities in
Japan are -- but instead a collection of what's translated as
"wards" but which are really more of cities unto themselves.

Anyway, looking at my own home address:


The way I guess I'd map that is:

region             東京都 (Tokyo)
city               新宿区 (Shinjuku)
street             西新宿 (West Shinjuku)
street number      6-16-11
premises           三井ビル605 (Mitsui Building #605)
postalcode         160-0023

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