Re: Civic Address for V2

Andrei Popescu <>, 2009-03-03 18:44 +0000:

> country - country
> a1 - region
> a2 - county
> a3 - city
> a4 - can be coalesced with city
> a5 - premises ('Belgrave House')
> a6 - street
> prd,pod,sts - can be coalesced with street (e.g. 'Carriage Drive North')
> hno - street number
> hns - coalesced with street number  (e.g. '52B')
> lmk, loc, flr, nam - can be combined into a separate field ('details'?)
> postalcode - postalcode

This proposal makes even more sense to me now that I've actually
read it :) (I've reading through the thread in reverse-
chronological order.) Specifically, given that "street" and
"street number" are mnemonics and not the actual field names,
forget what I said about it being little trouble to map Japanese
address components to logically-equivalent field names -- because
I think the components can just be mapped directly into those
fields without needing to think about any logical equivalence
among names.


Michael(tm) Smith

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