Re: delivering test cases

Hi guys,

Aplix has contributed a testFramework (Apache2 licensed) to help test
BONDI APIs which includes a
Geolocation implementation by

We've designed the framework to be flexible, extensible, lightweight
and least coupled. The framework is still undergoing development, to
make things simpler. For example we recently dropped support for
static HTML as AFAIK it's difficult to reliably run JS from a
retrieved HTML file's script tags.

The Geolocation tests gathered by Telefonica at a 'testfest' last week
at OMTP's London offices are actually Apache2 licensed Google Gears
tests I believe :-)

Our test platform targets Windows Mobile 6 with Pocket IE 7.6.

We also have a wiki page to act as a rough guide: is the bulk of the framework. allows you to try out
the framework without installing the BONDI runtime.

Kind regards,

Received on Tuesday, 31 March 2009 08:30:46 UTC