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Hi all,

I just wanted to explain a bit further the mention I made before about  
tracker in [1]

On Mar 25, 2009, at 1:14 PM, Doug Turner wrote:
> Please explain what has changed that required you to create a new a  
> new
> task/issue?

Currently I'm getting mails/questions/issues faster than I can  
reasonably reply (due to the just concluded AC and AB meetings, the  
upcoming IETF meeting and the upcoming republication).  As I've said  
before, we will face more and more scrutiny as the document passes  
through further maturity levels.  By populating the tracker, I believe  
that the answers to the most common questions will become self-serve.   
Having all issues, old and new, open and closed in there somewhere  
will help take a lot of the frustration out of those just joining us  
now of having to trawl through months of mails on the list.

I know Andrei said he's kept track of all the issues and would put  
them into tracker [2], but I've taken the liberty of kick starting the  
process.  Any member can edit the issues, though note that the change  
log is not as sophisticated as a Wiki or a source control system, so  
it might be best to just add notes as appropriate rather than edit the  
body of the issue itself.  There are some guidelines for how to use  
tracker in the wiki [3] that haven't been decided on by the group, but  
which seem reasonable to me.  That brings me to the wiki.

I've linked the wiki [4] on the home page (despite lack of content),  
so that people can at the find the minutes.  Members should be able to  
make edits using their w3c credentials.






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