Re: PositionOptions.timeout & UserAgent permission

Hi Greg,

I have interpreted the PositionOptions timeout starting point when the  
user accepts the geolocation request.  if the user never clicks  
"allows", there will be no callbacks.  Sounds like we need a bit of  
clarification here.

 From the user's perspective, if the timeout happens at the same time  
the user grants access, they might be confused at this behavior.   
However, from the developers point of view, not getting a timeout  
failure in this case might require them to hook up a separate timeout.


On Mar 14, 2009, at 7:26 PM, Greg Bolsinga wrote:

> Hello --
> I have a implementation detail question about the PositionOptions  
> timeout.
> What if the UA has to put up a UI that asks the user to allow  
> Geolocation, and then what if the user takes longer to respond than  
> the timeout? If the user allows it, and the timeout has expired,  
> which wins? Does the page get the position, or the timeout error?
> In my implementation, by the time the user is requested for  
> permission, a location is extremely likely to be known, so I can  
> stop the timeout then, but I just want to be sure.
> Thanks,
> -- Greg

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