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[AMG] Comments on strawman

[AMG] Comments on strawman: Service Abstraction

[AMG] Comments on strawman: Terminology and Diagrams

[AMG]: Notes on Ad-hoc f2f Meeting 17th January

[DS3] Request-response - revised

[DS4] Remote Procedure Call (RPC) - revised

[DS5] Request with acknowledgement - revised

[DS6] Request with encrypted payload - revised

[DS7] Third part intermediary - revised

[DS8] Conversational message exchange - revised

[R2xx] Application of XP Requirements to SOAP 1.1

[R3xx] Requirements Section "4.2 Simplicity and Stability" -- com parison with SOAP1.1.

[R5xx] Application of requirements to SOAP 1.1

[R6xx, R7xx] Application of XP requirements to SOAP 1.1

[R700b] Optional/mandatory bit (was: Comments on XML Protocol Reqs)

[SOAP] SOAP method parameter as XML string - Question ?

[SOAP] soap question

Abstract Model sub-group of the XML Protocol Working Group.

Another use case supporting binary data exchanges - FW: [DOTNET] Posting Binary file with XML...

Begining the traslation of SOAP note

Binary (and XHTML, and *ML ...) attachments to XP

Binary attachments to XP

Binary attachments to XP: or unipart vs. multipart

Comment on Evolution of XML protocol requirements

Comments on XML Protocol Reqs

Dec 20, 2000 teleconference minutes

Deconstructing DS7

DR305 -- ongoing discussion

DR305 -- proposed disposition

DR309 -- ongoing discussion

DR309 -- resolution

DS for R306 Easy Deployment

DS23/24 - application semantics?

DS3 and unipart vs. multipart

DS5: Proposed revision

DS6: Proposed revision




DS810 (DR810) QoS

DS810 - Revised

Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-carpenter-midtax-00.txt

FYI - FW: Namespace doc. from OASIS

Implementation of XML QUERY

Integrating XP Into Web Infrastructure

Internet Printing Protocol scenarios for XP

Jan 10, 2001 teleconference minutes

Jan 17, 2001 teleconference minutes

Jan 24, 2001 teleconference minutes

Jan 3, 2001 teleconference minutes

List of all pubilcations

MIME marking for SOAP and XP (was text/xml for SOAP (and XP) con sidered harmful)

Minutes of December 13-14, 2000 face to face meeting

new use case DS19: sending non-XML data

new use case DS20: multiple, asynchronous responses

new use case DS21: incremental parsing/processing of XP messages

new use case DS23: event/notification

new use case DS24: caching

Outputs of this working group?

overlooked use cases

overlooked use cases - latest

Protocol Action: (BEEP/Blocks/BXXP) to proposed standard

question about XML protocol requirements

Questions from a new-comer

Role of intermediary

Soap from javascript

SOAP meets RSS

Strawman Abstract Model for XP

text for overlooked use cases

text/xml for SOAP (and XP) considered harmful

The difference between RPCs and data query

WebDAV Delta-V Working Group Last Call (fwd)

XML Formats for Message Oriented Middelware ?

XML Palsers for different browers

XML Protocol Requirements Document Published

XML Protocols dependencies on Sig and Encryption

XML-RPC for C and C++

xp requirement document specifies headers

XP serialization, XTM topicmap serialization, RDF.

XP->SOAP/1.1 requirement mappings for R8xx (Intermediaries)

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