RE: question about XML protocol requirements

ebXML does much of what I am trying to do with XHTML-Print - though the
ebXML examples don't make it clear how to have more than one document or
image in the payload.

But what ebXML does not seem to allow is for a long document which contains
several jpeg images where each jpeg image is represented in binary and is
nearby in the document stream. That is, the printer should not have to read
to the end of the document stream before encountering the jpeg images.
Instead the XML stream should be interrupted for the binary jpeg image and
the XML stream should resume after the jpeg image.

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> Robert, see responses inline.
> >an image and its reference. In the context of multipart/related This
> >constraint seems to imply that:
> >
> >a) the XML text data must be split into multiple fragments 
> with one or more
> >images between each XML fragment,
> ebXML splits a message into two parts, a header and payload. 
> The header
> contains metadata
> describing characteristics germane to the payload, if present or an
> "activity". An ebXML message may contain a header only, this 
> allows the
> structure to be used for "acknowledgements", administrative 
> functions (e.g.
> pings) and RPC functions. The header may reference adjunct body parts
> (fragments) within the message payload.
> >b) there must be a root object that references all of the 
> XML fragments
> with
> >cid's
> An ebXML header contains a manifest that describes all the 
> parts (documents)
> within a payload. An ebXML payload can contain any MIME media type,
> including binary, XML, multipart/*, et al.
> >c) images must be referenced with cid's within the XML fragments.
> ebXML supports this today. An ebXML manifest contains 
> "Document References"
> that are specified using Xlink syntax. The document 
> references refer to
> CID's within the payload.
> Dick Brooks (ebXML liaison to XML Protocol Activity)

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