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Amaya 11.0.1 removed vatton@inrialpes.fr (Wednesday, 31 December)

Ubuntu 64bit .debs Vadim Peretokin (Thursday, 25 December)

Some math symbols don't display on Linux Colin Adams (Wednesday, 24 December)

amaya 11 -- location bar updates ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Tuesday, 23 December)

Amaya 11 -- rendering border lines ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Tuesday, 23 December)

Amaya 11 license agreement ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Tuesday, 23 December)

[Announce] Amaya 11.0.1 Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 23 December)

Finding text "in the whole document" Joseph Reagle (Tuesday, 23 December)

[bug]textarea rendering bug ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Wednesday, 17 December)

Amaya 11 WinXP bug: Find and replace bug (ignore case) Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Wednesday, 17 December)

[bug report] rendering textarea in Amaya 11 ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Wednesday, 17 December)

[Announce] Amaya 11 Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 16 December)

Amaya 10.1-pre5 WinXP bug: invalid XHTML not detected Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Thursday, 11 December)

Amaya 10.1-pre5 WinXP bugs and suggestions: col and colgroup elements Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Thursday, 11 December)

Amaya 10.1-pre5 WinXP bugs: transforming definition lists Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Tuesday, 2 December)

z-index Mark McNabb (Thursday, 27 November)

Amaya 10 Deletes embed function Jerry Lopper (Wednesday, 26 November)

10.1-pre5 RPM? Leon Stringer (Monday, 24 November)

stack overflows, from bugtraq Thomas Roessler (Monday, 24 November)

[www-amaya] <none> Tom Corbett (Monday, 24 November)

Absolute positions, Amaya scroll bars and other problems Ray Foulkes (Sunday, 23 November)

more info on drop down box needed Ryan (Sunday, 23 November)

tables won't float Phil Hatton (Thursday, 20 November)

Drop down box Ryan (Thursday, 20 November)

Bug: Losing file-open dialogue box Steven Pemberton (Monday, 17 November)

Flash support Ryan (Friday, 14 November)

New user image error Ryan (Friday, 14 November)

Word Wrap Leah Taylor (Thursday, 6 November)

Bug "fixes" broken: source view highlighting Eddie Maddox (Wednesday, 29 October)

specialized scripts as alternate text Paolo Salvarezza (Thursday, 23 October)

Amaya does not display correctly inline span with a float property. Dominique Meeùs (Wednesday, 22 October)

table cell and margin property ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Wednesday, 22 October)

categories for bug reports ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Monday, 20 October)

WebDAV - some questions CPK Smithies (Monday, 20 October)

Amaya 10.1-pre5 WinXP bug: Amaya deletes entity characters Bartolomé Sintes Marco (Monday, 20 October)

Non break space Dominique Meeùs (Saturday, 18 October)

Table of contents starting from h2 Dominique Meeùs (Saturday, 18 October)

Re: Amaya messing up a script and a span Dominique Meeùs (Saturday, 18 October)

Font, Unicode Dominique Meeùs (Saturday, 18 October)

[bug - snapshot 5] textarea cols attribute ve3ll@cogeco.ca (Friday, 17 October)

[Announce] Amaya 10 .1-pre5 snapshot Irene Vatton (Friday, 17 October)

Sources download for 10 pre4 Vadim Peretokin (Thursday, 9 October)

Re: [Announce] Amaya bug tracking service open Helder Magalhães (Sunday, 5 October)

Bug: strange behaviour with down-arrow CPK Smithies (Sunday, 5 October)

Re: SVG Editor Status: bugs & features Helder Magalhães (Saturday, 4 October)

Simple Questions for Newbie (Background Page Image) RickinRSM (Wednesday, 1 October)

Amaya 10 language version Kari Repo (Wednesday, 1 October)

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