Re: Amaya 10.1-pre5 WinXP bugs and suggestions: col and colgroup elements

Le jeudi 11 décembre 2008 à 14:01 +0100, Bartolomé Sintes Marco a
écrit :
> Hi,
> Is it possible to create a <colgroup> element in Amaya 10.1-pre5 (apart 
> from source code view)?

Not yet

> In Amaya 10.1-pre5 when a new table is created, <col /> elements are 
> created. Is it possible to delete them (apart from source view)? What is 
> the purpose of the creation of these elements by default?

The purpose is to apply style to the column instead of each cell in the
column. For example you can set color and width on the <col> element. It
will apply to the whole column.
If you don't plan to use exploit these <col> elements, their creation
doesn't disturb either the rendering nor the editing of tables.

> I would prefer a menu option (in Insert > Table menu) allowing the 
> creation of <col /> and <colgroup> elements, like in previous versions 
> of Amaya.

I agree we have to provide a command to create <colgroup> element. The
number of <col> must be equal to the number of columns in the table.
It's now done by default in Amaya.

> It would be nice too if some menu options in the Tools > Edit table 
> allow the selection of these elements in normal view (for example, 
> "select first col", select "next col", "Select first colgroup", "select 
> next colgroup", "select first col in colgroup", "select next col in 
> colgroup"), in order to edit an attribute or delete the selected element.

Next step is to manage <col> and <colgroup> directly on the table.

> In previous versions of Amaya it was not easy to manipulate <col /> and 
> <colgroup> elements, but in Amaya 10.1-pre5 it seems harder than ever ;-).
> By the way, is there an expected release date for Amaya 10.1 final?

We're doing several tests that week. If all works, the release Amaya 11
will be out next week (probably Tuesday).

> Best regards,
> Barto
Irene Vatton <>

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