Re: specialized scripts as alternate text

After your answers, I agree with both of you.
Naturally, if I would keep a personal knowledge base written entirely in xml
and have to interface with multiple operating systems, I could also use a
portable version of Firefox, for windows / unix, solving also the
compatibility issues.
But how would be possible to implement the second idea, that is:

- put in the html both Math-ML and jpeg figure
- if the browser can read the Math-ML, then ignore the image
- if the browser can't understand Math-ML, then load the image

Is there a solution which can be afforded with XML techniques, not relying
on third party applications?
Obviously, I'ld like ALL PCs could interpret ALL standardized XML scripts,

Thanks to both !
2008/10/23 Vladislav Ivanistsev <>

> Hi Paul, hi Frédéric!
> I agree with Frédéric. And about scripting. It is better to add xslt
> stylesheet (for example, via php), which makes also possible to use webkit
> based browser to display mathml correctly. Also, if your document is proper
> xml, I wounder if any script could make it html. The problem is IE does not
> support xml.
> Vlad

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