Re: Some math symbols don't display on Linux

> Hello,
> I've just started to look at Amaya for writing mathmatics.

Good! Amaya currently has a lot of mathematical constructions available, but
we're aware that the UI can be improved to become more convenient. All the
suggestion that can be made to achieve this goal is welcome.

> Working through the manual, I find that some of the math symbols (such
> as subset) display as a bold digit, rather than the correct symbol.
> As this only occurs on Linux (it works fine on MAC OS X), I suspect a
> font issue.
> Have others encountered this problem, and if so, is there a known solution?

I just tried on Linux and the symbol "subset" is displayed correctly. It is
certainly a font issue but I think Irčne can tell you more about that. For the
moment, all I recommend is to look at the FAQ:

F. Wang

Received on Wednesday, 24 December 2008 17:15:01 UTC