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> Indeed, I believe that WAI guidelines suggest that there should be exactly one H1 element per page.
I find this (
(Begin quote)
> Long documents are often divided into a variety of chapters, chapters 
> have subtopics and subtopics are divided into various sections, 
> sections into paragraphs, etc. These semantic chunks of information 
> make up the structure of the document.
> Sections should be introduced with the HTML heading elements (H1 
> <>-H6).
(End quote)

This does not say that there should be only one h1 and nothing is said 
about a main title. On the contrary, h1-h6 seem to be used for any kind 
of SUBdivision (my emphasis on SUB). says mostly the 

Of course html has a long history of compromises. xhtml 2 should be more 


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