Amaya 10 Deletes embed function

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I have Amaya 10 (Feb. 29, 2008) on Windows XP, latest updates as of this

I understand that Amaya doesn't support flash, but how do I use Amaya if I
wish to include flash with the embed function? I understand it will show
errors, such as the one I receive, which is:
Invalid XHTML element <embed> for the document profile.

But how do I prevent Amaya from automatically deleting the offending code?
My work-around so far is to do all my editing in Amaya, save the file, then
open with a text editor and re-enter the flash code. Isn't there any way I
can tell Amaya to tolerate the embed function and resulting error?

Thanks for your help,


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Received on Wednesday, 26 November 2008 15:37:52 UTC