Re: SVG Editor Status: bugs & features

> As you saw in the last snapshot, Amaya now has an SVG editor. I worked on it
> during three months and I think there are enough features for you to find it
> useful.

Great! :-)

I'd suggest posting a similar message into the Yahoo! SVG Developers
group [1], possibly stating the beta status of these features, in
order to increase visibility and (potentially) gather more beta
testers to help stabilizing the features before the release.

When the next official version of Amaya is released, I'd also suggest
making a shorter posting into [2], as the news are also
syndicated by the W3 SVG graphics portal [3] - again, to help
increasing visibility. ;-)

Congratulations for all the great Amaya improvements, with special
focus on the (somehow new) SVG features. Amaya isn't yet as fully
featured as other SVG-specific authoring tools (such as Inkscape [4],
for example), but its (X)HTML+SVG integration and (limited) support
for SMIL animation are surely powerful features which deserve more
visibility to the SVG community. :-) By the way, this integration
isn't stated anywhere within the message and, being a pretty specific
feature (which I'd risk saying Amaya is innovative at  while being
both a viewer and an editor), I'd say that this deserved to be
highlighted in release notes and/or in Amaya announcements.


 Helder Magalh„es


Received on Saturday, 4 October 2008 11:10:23 UTC