Re: Table of contents starting from h2

Le samedi 18 octobre 2008 à 09:07 +0200, Dominique Meeùs a écrit :
> Word processors as OOo Writer or MS Word offer the possibility to make a 
> table of contents. Default table uses default title styles beginning 
> with Title 1. Thus I use Title 1 for chapters et cetera, and some other 
> Title or Title 0 for the main title.
> Following the same logic in html, I tend to use h1 for first level 
> subdivisions of the page (and made a p.h0 in my css for the main title). 
> An editor as KompoZer creates a table of contents from h1 (by default, 
> or from any other level) up to the depth I choose (say: h1, h2, not h3).
> One may say that I am too narrow logically-minded, but this is also the 
> way it goes practically, when you export from a word processor. Your 
> Title 1 chapters become h1 elements.
> I am surprised to see Amaya (10.1-pre5) beginning from h2. I understand 
> that this is appropriate for most html pages, but how do I choose to 
> begin with h1? (By the way, how do I choose the depth of the table of 
> content?)

h1 is often used as the document title. Perhaps a solution is to provide
an option?

Irene Vatton <>

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