Non break space

With some googling, I discovered in a forum that Ctrl+space gives a non 
break-space (Unicode hex a0) in Amaya. Fine. (It is the same in OOo 
Writer.) Non break space is vital in French where you need it in 
quotations inside « » and before the four double punctuation signs as : 
; ! ? but it is also important in all languages. If you refer to some p. 
7, you wouldn't like the 7 on next line.

Is there another way to obtain a non break space? Is Ctrl-space 
sufficiently documented? I do not find a non break space in the Insert 
menu, nor in the special characters toolbar and I do not find Ctrl-space 
under Help.


Amitiés, Dominique,,

Received on Saturday, 18 October 2008 07:22:33 UTC